Electronic Waste & Data Destruction

There is a significant liability associated with improper disposal of “e-waste.” Most organizations do not realize that donating items or putting them in their dumpsters is a “recipe for disaster.” Cartridge World can help your organization meet all EPA requirements for proper disposal of eWaste.

Our Waste Solutions

Cartridge World works with an R2 Certified company that represents a “Risk Management” solution that provides Technology Disposition Services through a unique approach for organizations like yours. If you are looking for a fiscal, legal and environmentally responsible means of disposing retiring technology assets, we should get together. Our Technology Risk management services provide liability protection against all environmental, software license infringement and confidential data security risks relating to the retirement of technology assets. Through our integrated legal and insurance indemnification platform of protection, we indemnify our clients against any public or private liability arising from this disposal.

What We Offer

consistent service delivery

Data security

Audited service performance

Information tracking

Final disposition reporting

Minimal costs reporting

The Five Benefits Of R2 Vendor Practices

Guaranteed Data Destruction for All Recycled Products

Many enterprises use a separate third-party vendor to perform the destruction of sensitive data, then pass obsolete equipment on to be recycled. R2-compliant and certified vendors can eliminate the middle man: They guarantee the destruction of data on all media using industry-standard practices. If you have sensitive data, the best way to destroy it is by device for example by hard drive, leveraging the serial number of the device. With methodology, you will receive a serialized Certificate of Destruction.

Full Tracking of Throughput in the Recycling Process

It’s all too easy for items you intend to recycle to become lost or stolen. In the R2 process, all waste movement is documented and monitored. In the rare case that there’s a breakdown in the process, your enterprise will be able to prove all reasonable steps were taken.

End-to-End Legal Compliance

R2 vendors demonstrate compliance with all applicable standards for environmental protection, data security, and human health prior to certification. This allows many organizations to scale back or eliminate in-house expertise on these non-core compliance areas.

A Clear Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Executives and ordinary consumers alike are becoming more aware of environmental issues. No matter whether you serve a B2B or B2C market, using R2-certified or compliant recyclers for e-waste handling will show a clear commitment to minimizing your environmental impact.

Added Confidence for Your Consumers and Investors

Over the last few years, the business world has been rocked by a long series of high-profile data breaches. Companies are spending millions to defend data on their networks – it makes sense to invest in protecting that data once it goes out the door, too. That extra diligence boosts confidence in your brand all around

If You Manage Sensitive Consumer Data, You Need an R2-Certified Recycler Compliance becomes more costly and complex every year, but choosing an R2-certified or compliant vendor is a way to cut out some of that overhead. That’s especially crucial in industries entrusted with confidential financial, legal, or healthcare data—where a single oversight can prove disastrous.

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