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See some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our imaging hardware maintenance and services and our supplies capabilities.

Printer and Toner FAQ

Is there a risk to using a refilled cartridge?

Not at all! There should be no difference in the print quality after the cartridge is refilled. Our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee is a sign of our confidence and removes any risk from you trying our services.

How much money will I save by refilling?

Your savings may vary depending on your printer. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to save substantially on refills at Cartridge World over the cost of a brand new cartridge. Many businesses are savings hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year by switching to Cartridge World. Consumers like the fact that they are saving money and the environment. Over the life of a printer most people can expect to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Will using refilled cartridges void the printer manufacturer's warranty?

No. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits the manufacturer of the printer you are using from voiding the warranty because you use a refilled or remanufactured cartridge. Printer manufacturers will almost always advise you against refilling. The simple reason for this is that manufacturers would like you to buy their expensive replacement cartridges and accessories. Even with the protection of this law, you should also feel confident that cartridges sold, refilled or remanufactured by Cartridge World will meet or exceed your expectations. Our own warranty also extends to your printer on any valid claim!

How much time does it take to refill my cartridge?

In many cases you won’t have to wait at all! Our stores carry an assortment of the more common cartridges already refilled or remanufactured, ready-to-go. Just trade in your empty and you’re on your way! No empty, no problem you can still purchase refilled & remanufactured cartridges from us. Cartridge World stores also often carry a broad assortment of OEM (original equipment manufactured) and new compatible cartridges.

How many times can a cartridge be refilled?

This all depends on the type of cartridge and how well you take care of your cartridges. We test your cartridges after they have been refilled/re-manufactured, hence our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Inkjet cartridges can be refilled up to 4 or 5 times and laser cartridges many more, depending on the original condition. Your Cartridge World specialist will be able to tell you.

Should I leave my printer on?

When it comes to technology, you may get conflicting advice about how to best maintain it. Is it better to leave my printer on or turn it off when I’m not using it? Should I use low-power or standby mode? Here are some things to take into consideration when determining what is best for your printer:


Print Head Health
All inkjet printers have semiconductor print heads. These print heads are typically the first thing in a printer that requires replacement, so you want to preserve their life as long as possible. Keeping your printer on all the time will keep your print heads cleaner, making them less likely to break.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your printer are essential in ensuring it continues printing high-quality documents for a long time. The difference between leaving your printer on or turning it off is generally insignificant in terms of energy costs. For healthier print heads and more efficient ink consumption, however, it’s better to leave your printer on. Constantly switching your printer off and on will decrease your printer’s lifespan, so try to keep the off/on to a minimum.


Ink Consumption
During maintenance cycles, your printer uses up ink – sometimes 20 to 30 percent per cartridge. This can add up quickly, especially given the high cost of ink. Using ink to clean print heads is important to maintain your printer and ensure it lasts longer, but sometimes maintenance cycles may occur more often than necessary. The frequency of each cycle depends on the manufacturer, but turning on the printer triggers a maintenance cycle regardless of manufacturer. For this reason, to minimize ink consumption, it is recommended that you keep your printer on. This will reduce the number of maintenance cycles, and keep your ink usage to a minimum.


Power Consumption
Energy costs are often one of people’s biggest worries when it comes to leaving their printer on. Your printer obviously uses more power on than off, but energy costs stay relatively low regardless. The average printer in standby mode consumes about 3 watts of power – less than a typical nightlight. If your printer operates in standby mode continuously, it only costs about $2.50 a year.

In power-off mode, your printer will consume less than 1 watt, and probably cost about $0.85 a year. Standby mode costs almost three times as much as a printer in off mode. But at under $3 a year, the cost of keeping your printer on is negligible. Long story short, when it comes to power consumption and energy costs, it won’t really matter if you leave your printer on or turn it off.


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Why does my multi-function printer leave a line on the page when I scan or copy using the Auto Document Feeder on the top of the multi-function printer?

If you are seeing issues with lines on your scans or copied pages then the glass below the auto document feeder may need to be cleaned of any dirt or debris. Please use the video below to view our guide for fixing this issue.  

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