IT Company Partner Program

We are not an IT Company but a Printer Services company. We can take the headaches of printer & toner problems off you and your team's trouble list. 

Our IT Company Partner Program

Free Printer Program

PRINTERS CAUSE 23% of IT Company headaches. We got you! 

Printer and toner cartridge management is the nemesis of most IT companies such as yours. They cause 23% of your client service tickets and are typically despised by your technicians. Let’s work together to make you money, clients happy and technicians doing what they do best, IT. All we ask is your clients’ buy our toner cartridges. 

We are NOT and IT company. We will NEED you to connect the printer to the network and install the KPax® monitoring file. We will never compete with you. 

How we make your life easier and clients happier

I will personally meet with your team and clients however you wish. Our goal will be to reduce work for you and your technicians while making us both more profits. Please call our President, Steve Van Leeuwen at 941.287.5796 to arrange a meeting. Good printer times ahead! 


Let’s Partner on Printers

Let's Partner on Printers!

Have A Question About Your Printer?

Contact us today to learn if your printer qualifies for our Printer Program or get in touch with a specialist who can service your printer today!